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I have a bottle of Texas Texas and I can’t find the best by date. Where is it located?

On a bottle of salsa or sauce, the Best By date will be printed on the glass just above the label.  Below the Best By date is our lot code date. If you ever experience a problem with our salsa, the lot code can be helpful. An example of the lot code is shown below:

Lot Code examples:

114ABH8A or A 114 18

Translation for both codes: Produced on the 114th day of 2018. 

I have a comment, question, or problem with one of your products. How do I contact someone about this?

Please use the contact us form here or call us at 1-800-443-1355.  For problems, provide us the Best By and Manufacturing Code (printed on the glass just above the label) and let us know the store where you purchased the product. Please keep the product for us to inspect. 

How can I find out the status of my online order?

If it’s been longer than 4 days (excluding weekends) and your order hasn’t arrived, contact us at orders@sandersonfoods.com .  Please provide your order # in the subject line. We will respond the same day unless email is sent after 5pm. 

What is the shelf life of your Sauces?

Our Salsas and Sauces have an 18-month shelf from the time a jar is filled and sealed.

How long do your products last after opening?

Only 1-day….if you eat it all!  Otherwise, we recommend you refrigerate the salsa or sauces and use within 3-weeks after opening as a general rule of thumb. Salsas can last up to 6-weeks or as few as 1 week depending on refrigeration and cross contamination.  

Are all your products gluten-free?

No, Every product we make is completely gluten-free except our Borracho Bean Salsa. It contains Lone Star beer and that ingredient contains gluten.

Are your products safe for people with nut allergies?

None of our products contain nuts.  However, all of our products are made in facilities that process both tree nuts and peanuts, so we cannot guarantee that they are completely free from these allergens.

Do any of your products contain alcohol?

Yes. Our Borracho Bean Salsa is made with Lone Star Beer, but any alcohol evaporates during the manufacturing process.

Could you donate products or money to our organization?
Please use our contact form to tell us about your organization and what you would like donated.
Where can I find your products?
HEB, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Randall’s, Tom Thumbs, Whole Foods—TX Only, Brookshire’s, Brookshire Brothers, Raley’s, Save Mart, Lucky’s, Stater Brothers. Click here to find the stores in your state that carry our products.
Are your products vegan?
What are the spices in “Spices” listed in the ingredients?
We use many spices in our products. If you’re wondering about a specific ingredient, please contact us.
I’m a member of the media/blogger. How can I contact you?
Please contact Brian Sanderson, info@sandersonfoods.com or at 800-443-1355.
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